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Amazon.sg Deals

Improve discoverability of your brand and products. By featuring your product on the Amazon Deals page, you’ll give customers that you may not have reached before a chance to find your product. With existing inventory in FBA, you can submit a deal request to run based on any deal type (details below).
Deal Types
Deal of The Day
Deal of the Day features a deep one-day discount on a popular product or a group of closely related items. The Deal of the Day is live all day long or until the item is no longer available. It is featured on the Today's Deals page and in Amazon mobile apps.
Lightning Deal
Lightning Deals are flash sales of a single item where an item is featured for a limited period of time (or until all limited quantities are sold) on the Amazon Deals page. Lightning Deals are a great way to help customers discover your products, and—since customers are more likely to purchase products at promotional prices—a great way to impact sales.
Best Deal
Best Deals are a selection of discounted items and ongoing promotions (up to 14 days), and they show up in the Savings & Sales section of the Today's Deals page.
Deal Requirements
Deal Type
Deal of the Day (DOTD)
(primarily for in-season items)
Lightning Deal (LD)
(primarily for big discounted and fast items)
Best Deals (BD)
(primarily for unique items)
24 hours
Up to 6 hours
1-14 days
Single ASIN OR multi-ASINs
Single ASIN only
Single ASIN OR multi-ASINs
Minimum Discount Requirements
At least 20% off current price
At least 15% off current price
At least 10% off current price
Deal Price
Lower than the previous deal price in last 30 days
ASIN price must be greater than S$5
Match/beat lowest price in last 30 days
ASIN price must be greater than S$5
Match/beat lowest price in last 30 days
ASIN price must be greater than S$5
ASIN rating >= 4 stars OR 0 reviews
ASIN rating >= 3 stars OR 0 reviews
ASIN rating >= 3 stars OR 0 reviews
Repeat (Cooling down period)
ASIN must NOT have been on DOTD for the last 30 days
DOTD ASINs must not have been on any other deal type for 7 days
ASIN must NOT have been on LD for the last 7 days
LD ASINs cannot be repeated as other deal types for at least 7 days
ASIN must NOT have been on BD for the last 7-14 days (depending on the duration of previous deals)
BD ASINs cannot be repeated as other deal types for at least 7 days
Minimum Inventory level 'per deal'
30 units for Deal Price <S$50 OR 20 units for Deal Price >S$50
10 units
20 units for Deal Price <S$50 OR 10 units for Deal Price >S$50
The ASIN must be available through Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA)
Additional Quality Guidance
All deals are subject to approval. Specific category requirements may apply. Deals can be ended at any time at the discretion of the deals team.
*Note: Above deal criteria can be subject to change.
How to submit Deals
  1. Download the Deal Submission template.
  2. Read the deal requirements in the "Deal Criteria" and "Product Restriction" tab and complete the template in "Master Deal Template" tab.
  3. Send the completed template to singapore-deals@amazon.sg. There is no set deadline to submit deals. Deal submission will close every Friday of the week (do not submit deals with deal start dates less than 10 business days from the deal submission date).
  4. By submitting a deal to singapore-deals@amazon.sg, you have agreed to offer the discounted price on your product per your submission.
  5. Deal approval and final deal schedule is subject to approval by the Amazon Deal Team.
  6. You will receive a confirmation email with the results of your Deals approval by Wednesday of the following week.
  7. The Deal price of Deal of the Day and Lightning Deals will be updated automatically according to the Deal approval result. Do not edit the ASIN price during the deal submission until the deal has completed running.
  8. In the case of Best Deals, the deal price is required to be updated manually by the Seller in his/her Seller Central account. Sellers are responsible for updating the approved Deal ASIN’s deal price before deal start date, otherwise the deal will be auto-suppressed. If you’re not familiar with deal price update for Best Deal, please refer to the guide “How to update Best Deal price”.
Notes: Pricing fields in Seller Central
“Your Price”: this should display the regular everyday price of the ASIN.
“Sale Price”: this field displays the Best Deal price of the ASIN – and should remain blank when a deal is not being run.
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