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What is the Amazon Seller Ambassadors Program?

The Amazon Seller Ambassador program recognizes a vibrant group of Amazon seller experts who actively engage with other sellers to share about their personal seller journey and best practices based on their experience. Seller Ambassadors go above and beyond to share knowledge in a variety of ways including meetups, social media, blog articles, workshops, conferences, and more. Get to know our Ambassadors below, and learn how you can connect with them!

Meet our Amazon Seller Ambassadors

    Debbie Cai
    Ambassador since 2020
    Debbie started selling on Amazon in 2014 and expanded her business to 11 marketplaces globally. Her mission is to make a meaningful contribution to society through products that make our lives easier.

    When Amazon launched in Singapore in 2019, Debbie jumped at the opportunity to connect with fellow local sellers and picked up new insights about growing her business. She began sharing her knowledge and experiences through her own social media and was also invited to speak at several web conferences such as the recent Singapore Online Seller Summit in June 2020. Now, she is ready to help other sellers and share best practices through the Amazon Seller Ambassador Program.
    Felix Law
    Ambassador since 2020
    Felix started selling on Amazon in 2018. He is passionate about building products, brands and businesses. E-Commerce falls perfectly in-line with his passions. Being part of the local Amazon seller community, he is always active on the Facebook groups where he keeps an eye out for new Amazon seller. He advocates a data-driven and low-risk approach in launching products. He frequently engages with other members in the community and discusses a wide range of topics such as product research, product development and advertising. He often encourages others to step out of their comfort zones in order to pick up new skills that are relevant to their E-Commerce businesses. With a background in science and engineering in the manufacturing sector, he brings practical experience working with factories in Singapore, Vietnam and Hong Kong.

    Felix is now ready to share his best practices to help other sellers grow their business on Amazon.
    Zhang RuiHong
    Ambassador since 2020
    Zhang RuiHong started selling on Amazon in 2015. RuiHong and his team have grown from a side project into a business that became full time work. He learned how to identify product ideas and how to grow them into top ranking best sellers.

    In his free time, he enjoys helping others grow their online business. Other than being active in seller communities on Facebook, he also works with drop shipping businesses and getting them started on Amazon.

Upcoming Events and Activities!

*Seller Ambassadors are in no way spokespeople for Amazon. All interactions with the seller ambassadors will take place in an informal setting and sellers will be representing themselves through sharing their personal experience and tips.
Live Meetups
Date and Time
Watch Recording
Meetup with Debbie Cai!
18 Nov 2020, 3pm
Brexit and VAT - What it means to us
Meetup with Felix Law!
25 Nov 2020, 3pm
Maximizing the probability of launching profitable products
Meetup with Zhang RuiHong!
27 Nov 2020, 5.30pm
Selling on Amazon and Operations

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Amazon Seller Ambassadors Program?
The Amazon Seller Ambassador program consists of vibrant sellers who will share their personal selling journey. They are individuals who make a significant impact in helping other sellers by sharing their knowledge and fostering strong collaboration in the community. These leaders will actively share their best practices and organize gatherings to discuss Amazon-focused topics.

Join us for our upcoming activities to learn more!
What are benefits of joining our Amazon Seller Ambassadors activities?
Learn from one another - Expand your knowledgeby joining Amazon Seller Ambassador activities. You may also exchange ideas with the community to explore best practices.

Build strong connections - There will be recurring seller gatherings to discuss Amazon-focused topics and networking opportunities.

Strengthening ties support - The Amazon Seller Ambassadors program will connect you with experts across fields, who can be your great buddy and mentor to help acheive your goals.
What kind of activities will the Amazon Seller Ambassadors engage in?
Ambassadors are mentors, creators, writers and speakers who will share their personal stories and experience selling on Amazon.
  • Sharing tips to sell on Amazon
  • Host seller meetups and speak during Amazon events
  • More to come!
  • What are the best practices in engaging with the Ambassadors?
  • Reach out to the Ambassadors, ask them questions about selling on Amazon or any ideas you may have.
  • Share ideas, learnings and knowledge that may benefit the Ambassadors and other sellers
  • Join activities and meetups organized by the Ambassadors to explore and flash out your ideas
  • Inspire and empower the Ambassadors as representatives of the seller community
  • Start selling today

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